Music of Bali in Melbourne

Gamelan DanAnda is a Melbourne based community orchestra of Balinese traditional music, performing regularly for the public and open to all interested participants. Anyone can learn to play the rhythms of  traditional Balinese Gamelan music. Our group is focused on the ‘Kebyar’ style of gamelan, which combines bronze xylophones, bells, cymbals, drums and gongs. A community-minded, cooperative music, everybody’s part is important, from the steady time-keeping gongs to the quick overlapping rhythmic patterns that make this music unique.

The genius of Balinese Gamelan is that it allows absolute beginners to play along-side experienced performers immediately. No previous experience is required, but endless options keep the advanced player challenged. Music reading is unnecessary as all parts are transferred by direct imitation, and MP3s are provided for listening between classes.